Soaked Tulips

This morning we decided to go to the tulip festival, fun right? well the rain was to commence throughout the day, and wonderfully we were still dry. How? I do not know really.

The day started out terrible as soon as we got there,, my little girl 2 yrs old, decided to touch my mother-in-laws camp heater,which ended in a slight burning effect. She is OK,  but it seemed that we were going to have to leave at that instant.

I carry a med bag in the blazer so I was able to treat it and we spoke to some medics that helped out by wrapping it a little better with the correct bandages. it took some time but through the day she began to feel better, her little heart broken of such pain, she still managed to hit the slide for a while which made me feel good to see her have a good time.

The day progressed and we saw some nice things. I wanted so bad to take some good photos of the tulips, but between the rain and the trauma i didn’t get many. the few I have are only the beginning of a new hobby besides my writing. I only hope that tomorrow is a much better day for book sales and I get the chance too get some more good photos of the event.

I just hope tomorrow is not another soaked tulip, after all it makes for a depressing photo opportunity.

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One thought on “Soaked Tulips

  1. whiteritchie

    Too windy too go again today unfortunately and lets not forget frigid cold. Ah well what are we going to do. Maybe we could go to our old standby Walmart!! lol!!!

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