Do You Write What You Know?

Do you write what you know?

For me, the answer to this rhetorical question is, No.

I am a follower to wordplay, a great blog by K. M. Weiland, and this was a question she recently covered, and I myself, would like to express my opinion on this too.


Because it is very explosive for me to expand my writing, and research my writing.

My writing for me as a western genre writer, and a cowboy,makes me saddle up, and ride my 15 hands high chestnut bay back to 139 years ago. The 1800’s. The old west is my escape from what I know, so I have chosen to write about a generation of, pistol packin’ mamas, ruthless gamblin killers, a Lever action .44 caliber rimfire breech loading Henry Rifle, and a shootout at Dodge city town line, against the Marshal Wyatt Earp himself.

I feel we should “Want to explore people we have never met, places we have never seen, and situations we have never experienced.” -K.M.Weiland

We write fiction ladies, and Gentlemen, we are not writing our auto-biographies. We are telling a story with fictional characters, in fictional situations, and it is time to drop out of your perfect world, and coast back in time, or into the future or into the garden, etc. and begin with your imagination, then let it happen. Really I mean, we should express what we want to be, where we want to go, and then try to draw our reader into the same world, and story that you/we have created.

In my up and coming novel”Laramie’s Thunder. Laramie Taylor turns, on a silver Texas star encased in a circle, to avenge his fathers death, and finds friends that join him in the crusade. I must drop everything from my time, and my mind, and then become Laramie. If I am going to think like him, and make you the reader, want to know his story.

To do that, I have to make you ask why he chose to turn on the law to chase down a ruthless bunch of outlaws, and a law breaking governor. I want to leave you hanging to prepare you for the three books that follow, with this saga, and to also prepare you for the following two book saga about Laramie’s Brother and his life on the reservation as a military officer.

So if I was to write about what I know, then I would leave this story and never finish what I believe is a very edgy, and on your seat old west story, that will compel you, to want to be in the old west or on a train headed there, and not in your lounge chair just flipping a page.

For more info on my novel click the picture link below and read an excerpt of Chapter one.

Also feel free to check out my other two self-published books. “Pages Full of Memories” and “Rodeo Dayz”

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2 thoughts on “Do You Write What You Know?

  1. Rosalynne

    I thoroughly agree. If authors wrote only what they know then I would not be able to delve into the mythical world i so love to escape to. Its called fiction for a reason. If everything to read was non fiction then to me the world would be a very boring place. I believe that peoples creativity needs to be expressed and I prefer to read the imaginary to the not so imaginary! i think that it is fascinating what comes out of some peoples imagination!!!!

  2. Great post,Ritchie! Your creativity and enthusiasm shine through. Enjoyed the excerpt from Laramie’s Thunder,too-lots of “showing vs telling” with enough suspense to keep me turning those pages.

    Write On!

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