The Outlaw Ritchie White AKA “Bo Rivers” Strikes Again

This morning I was enjoying a cup of Joe, after waking up from a grand siesta, when the strangest thing happened, I received a phone call from my grandmothers house. You would think it was just a social call, and to check in on me to see how things were as she does from time to time. However, when I answered the phone my Uncle bellers where are you? and I replied home, getting my child ready for school, why? well here is the story, and I found it rather amusing to tell.

A strange man, “lawyer” called my grandmother stating her grandson was in a car accident with a foreign person, and her grandson was in jail. Now the foreign  person had left the country and had no intentions of pressing charges, however I needed bail money to get out of the sticky situation. The lawyer didn’t even know my name,and several times stated your grandson, so to find out which grandson, my grandmother asked which one, and offered up my name for starters, knowing that there are only two of her grandsons old enough to to drive she thought of starting with the oldest and working to the younger of us two fine grandsons. Low and behold, one the gentleman heard my name he immediately said yes that one, which clearly lights up the ole noggin, he was my lawyer, but had no idea what my name was until it was offered. Another part of this fine scam “a foreign person left the country”, OK who finds this unbelievable. I mean really if someone gets into an accident they will surely stick around to see the case through, not leave the country immediately.

My grandmother ensured him that there was no money to give, but said. “leave the information” just in case it wasn’t a scam, which led the man to abruptly hang up.  As this fine tale began to come to an end my uncle came in the door, and asked what it was about. My grandmother told him the story, which made him think “oh dear, better find out”, so he began to track me down, which jail I was in, and called my wife to ask if she had any details, etc. He then rang me with the last hope that a miracle would happen and sure enough I was on the other end, to explain that I had no such accident, I had just woke up with my cup of Joe.

So you see, I just thought I would let ya’ll know don’t hire an Ecuadorean Lawyer that don’t know your name, chances are he’ll take the money and run. After all, I was sitting on my  couch having a cup of Joe, and waking myself from a grand siesta, and turned into an outlaw in just a phone call. ………….And I thought I was the Western Fictioneer.

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