Memorial Day Ebook Contest

I am giving away 5 Ebooks of Pages Full of Memories this weekend in memory of the comrades whom I served with in the U.S. Armed Forces. They paid the ultimate sacrifice  so that our land could be free. May they rest peacefully, as they paid their debt to us with their lives.  Pages Full of Memories It is a book of Poetry, that has many poems about my time in the U.S. Army. Please submit your name below for a chance to win a copy of my book. Thanks Ritchie White “Bo Rivers”


Darkness fell over the clouds,

Like an emotionless shroud.

The fires continued burning, fearless.

The explosions would progress.

I could feel the heat from my gun.

Inside I felt like I wanted to run

But where? bullets flew all around.

There was no where to go,

The images were profound.

I still see it everyday.

So heartbreaking I don’t even say

Before I could react,

My best friend lay

In my arms from the attack.

His clothes soaked in blood,

It felt like a raging flood

He said to me don’t let go,

I knew I couldn’t he was my bro.

So I held on tight,

Trying to help him fight.

With one last gasp for air,

He looked up and said.

All I ask for is a prayer.

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