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Dear Heavenly Father, as a broken ole rodeo Cowboy, I ask…

It is said that a cowboy must have a code, and without it he is nothing, but there is one more thing that is important to me, and most all cowboy’s, and that is how we feel about the rodeo in the sky. and well… Will we make it there? is usually a question we ask ourselves all of the time.
Every evening before I would ride I always said a prayer knowing that the grand father of the rodeo would always protect me from serious injury, and luckily it always seemed to work.  My favorite prayer is the rodeo cowboy’s prayer.

Cowboy’s Prayer by Patrick Payton©

Dear Heavenly Father, as a broken ole rodeo Cowboy, I ask…
Heavenly Father, I pause at this time,
mindful of the many blessings you have bestowed upon me.
I ask, Lord, that you will be with me in the arena of life.

I as  a cowboy of ethics, do not ask for special favors.
I don’t ask to draw around the chute fighting bull or horse, the steer that won’t lay, or to never break the barrier.

I don’t even ask for all daylight runs.

I do ask Lord, that you will help me live my life here on earth as a cowboy, in such a manner, that when I make that last inevitable ride, to the country up there, where the grass grows lush, green, and stirrup high, and the water runs cool, clear, and deep, that you’ll take me by the hand and say –

“Welcome to Heaven cowboy, your entry fees are paid.”

 You see no matter how hard we are, no matter what our code, we also believe in something else, and most of the time ask for guidance in every challenge we face, even if it be a gunfight, we turn to a simple prayer that our weapon be faster than the outlaw we must face.

My only hope is that when I reach the rodeo in the sky that the heavenly father let my horse, and my best friend Apache in (My beagle I lost when I was a boy), for even though my entries fees are paid, I don’t want to go it alone up there, I just want to enjoy the rodeo with my pup, my pony, and me.

What is your favorite cowboy prayer? your code? and your last request?

I know for sure that I will be in “Amorillo by Morning”, and  then off to Cheyenne. Amen…

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Mother Earth Native American Festival

This weekend Mother Earth drum will present their 8th annual Mother Earth Native American Festival and Powwow, with proceeds to go to local charities. “The last few yrs have just gotten to quiet” stated one patron to the powwow and insists that the community get involved. The Mother Earth Drum is asking local business and charities to help out with any volunteering that they can, as a business owner they are asking for some sponsorship’s in return a free pass for the owner and family for the weekend of festivities.

“Patricia “Waukea” MacLaury spoke with me yesterday saying “We (Mother Earth Drum) want to keep the Native American heritage in our community, and keep our community growing with us. it will be a wonderful weekend of native dancing, demonstrations, storytelling, and flute playing, and fun for all ages.

If you would like to help out in any way in our powwow call us at 607-843-7429 and ask for Waukea.

The Mother Earth Native American Festival will be held This weekend June 9Th and 10Th all details below.

for any information, log onto Feel free to download our flyer, vendor application, and vendor guidelines located on the sidebar of our website, thanks Mother Earth Drum.

8thAnnual Native American festival will be held June 9th and 10th 2012



Come and join us in Dancing, Drumming, and Storytelling.

There will be food vendors, as well as Native Craft Vendors, both days to satisfy your shopping needs. As well as candy dances for the children, all are welcome to dance during Intertribal dances, and very encouraged to participate in both Dancing and Drumming.

Day schedule is

Sat. 10AM-6PM

Sun 10AM-5PM

Grand Entry to begin at noon Both days

Veterans Honored

Special Guests

Flute Player

Rob Kunnaway

I myself will be attending as the Head Dancer and guest of honor, singing a song that was writtten for my fellow soldiers who lost their lives in combat. If you are not busy this weekend and would like to have a great fun filled weekend feel free to join us in a wonderful way to celebrate our heritage, and share with the community our stories, drumming, dancing, and crafts.

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Dear Pat Garret, It’s Me Billy (A Letter From the Grave)

Dear Pat Garret,

It’s me Billy, I used to call you a friend, better yet a Pal, but you shot me in the dark, unarmed. That’s right I am writing from beyond the grave to let you know I understand why you chose blood money for the price on my head. Hiding behind a badge didn’t make you right, and it sure doesn’t justify John Tunstall or Alex Mcsween’s murder. You see the Regulators and I had but one purpose and that was to expose the Sante Fe Ring, and Murphy’s bunch to President Hayes, and prove to him the corruption in government in Lincoln County, that was all. The men who took a Bullet from myself or one of the Regulators deserved it, they needed to be killed for killing John Tunstall in cold Blood. You tried once to arrest me for killing Buck Shot Roberts, one of the men we had a warrant for murdering John, He fired first so it was in self defense, and most all of the killings the Regulators were responsible for were in the same manner, so as a man who sold out to the Ring of corruption in government, how does it feel to know you killed a man that was really trying to do right by John Tunstall and Alex Mcsween. The problem with you and all of Murphy’s Men, Sheriff Pippin, and Sheriff Brady, blood money seemed better than finding the truth in the Lincoln County War, I didn’t draw first blood, I only finished it, Murphy dying should have ended it, but governor Lew Wallace was just as corrupt. I was only ever convicted of killing Sheriff Brady, but he needed killing to Pat, just as well as anyone else that was being bought by Murphy and Dolan’s outfit. The District Attorney should have pardoned me as they promised in the first place, I put most of them in a grave, and the rest I testified against, and in return I got a gallows built for myself.

You see Pat, Chavez, Doc, and the others knew what it meant to be pals, we might have killed a lot of men but we had a code, a code that John taught us, ethics  we lived by, until we were killed by you, someone who once called us a friend. we didn’t sell out on friendship Pat, why did you? We kept our promise, PALS, which was much stronger than any government, or any ring of corruption. We believed it had to be stopped, but the corruption in our government thought it be better to kill the men trying to expose it than to imprison the men that should have been paying for their debts, their murder, and  their corruption. Instead the government backed them up, and helped them come after the Regulators.  You may have your concience, but they sold you as soon as they paid you, which leaves you nothing more than a coward. Call it what you will, but in the days of the Billy the Kid and the Regulators we were judge and jury and most men just needed killing, and they reaped the whirlwind, as you will one day yourself. You know what they say about you Pat Garrett…..You killed men like you killed buffalo’s, but at least you didn’t ambush the buffalo’s in the dark.


William H. Bonney

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