Mother Earth Native American Festival

This weekend Mother Earth drum will present their 8th annual Mother Earth Native American Festival and Powwow, with proceeds to go to local charities. “The last few yrs have just gotten to quiet” stated one patron to the powwow and insists that the community get involved. The Mother Earth Drum is asking local business and charities to help out with any volunteering that they can, as a business owner they are asking for some sponsorship’s in return a free pass for the owner and family for the weekend of festivities.

“Patricia “Waukea” MacLaury spoke with me yesterday saying “We (Mother Earth Drum) want to keep the Native American heritage in our community, and keep our community growing with us. it will be a wonderful weekend of native dancing, demonstrations, storytelling, and flute playing, and fun for all ages.

If you would like to help out in any way in our powwow call us at 607-843-7429 and ask for Waukea.

The Mother Earth Native American Festival will be held This weekend June 9Th and 10Th all details below.

for any information, log onto Feel free to download our flyer, vendor application, and vendor guidelines located on the sidebar of our website, thanks Mother Earth Drum.

8thAnnual Native American festival will be held June 9th and 10th 2012



Come and join us in Dancing, Drumming, and Storytelling.

There will be food vendors, as well as Native Craft Vendors, both days to satisfy your shopping needs. As well as candy dances for the children, all are welcome to dance during Intertribal dances, and very encouraged to participate in both Dancing and Drumming.

Day schedule is

Sat. 10AM-6PM

Sun 10AM-5PM

Grand Entry to begin at noon Both days

Veterans Honored

Special Guests

Flute Player

Rob Kunnaway

I myself will be attending as the Head Dancer and guest of honor, singing a song that was writtten for my fellow soldiers who lost their lives in combat. If you are not busy this weekend and would like to have a great fun filled weekend feel free to join us in a wonderful way to celebrate our heritage, and share with the community our stories, drumming, dancing, and crafts.

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