Dear Heavenly Father, as a broken ole rodeo Cowboy, I ask…

It is said that a cowboy must have a code, and without it he is nothing, but there is one more thing that is important to me, and most all cowboy’s, and that is how we feel about the rodeo in the sky. and well… Will we make it there? is usually a question we ask ourselves all of the time.
Every evening before I would ride I always said a prayer knowing that the grand father of the rodeo would always protect me from serious injury, and luckily it always seemed to work.  My favorite prayer is the rodeo cowboy’s prayer.

Cowboy’s Prayer by Patrick Payton©

Dear Heavenly Father, as a broken ole rodeo Cowboy, I ask…
Heavenly Father, I pause at this time,
mindful of the many blessings you have bestowed upon me.
I ask, Lord, that you will be with me in the arena of life.

I as  a cowboy of ethics, do not ask for special favors.
I don’t ask to draw around the chute fighting bull or horse, the steer that won’t lay, or to never break the barrier.

I don’t even ask for all daylight runs.

I do ask Lord, that you will help me live my life here on earth as a cowboy, in such a manner, that when I make that last inevitable ride, to the country up there, where the grass grows lush, green, and stirrup high, and the water runs cool, clear, and deep, that you’ll take me by the hand and say –

“Welcome to Heaven cowboy, your entry fees are paid.”

 You see no matter how hard we are, no matter what our code, we also believe in something else, and most of the time ask for guidance in every challenge we face, even if it be a gunfight, we turn to a simple prayer that our weapon be faster than the outlaw we must face.

My only hope is that when I reach the rodeo in the sky that the heavenly father let my horse, and my best friend Apache in (My beagle I lost when I was a boy), for even though my entries fees are paid, I don’t want to go it alone up there, I just want to enjoy the rodeo with my pup, my pony, and me.

What is your favorite cowboy prayer? your code? and your last request?

I know for sure that I will be in “Amorillo by Morning”, and  then off to Cheyenne. Amen…

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One thought on “Dear Heavenly Father, as a broken ole rodeo Cowboy, I ask…

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