Double M Haunted Hayrides- Behind the Mask

Today marks my tenth year at the Double M Haunted Hayrides, and before it begins, I thought to share with you what it has been like behind the mask and make-up.

Fall has finally arrived, not only has my birthday come and gone, but my favorite time of the year is here. It is hayride time, and I am gearing up today to begin another wonderful year of fun at my favorite place in the world The Double M Ranch Haunted Hayrides. For me it began in 2002 when a good pal Richie Rich, or (Dad) as I like to call him met me at the Ridin’ HI Ranch saloon. He said I should come down and give it a try, you’ll love it, from there, the rest is history.

Tonight is our annual try-outs, and for what I can say to the new people coming in, HAVE FUN WITH IT.. That is the most important thing that it is fun. secondly dress warm, bring lots of water, and third, Luden’s cough drops are your best friend. I stood in those very shoes a long time ago, and I had no idea if they were going to like me, cut me, or tell me to get lost, however, I played the part very well. I went from being a Greeter dressed as Scary Harry, to a cowboy in Terror Town (My favorite of all places). I can still remember that first year, as Wayne Martin drove by on his bright yellow four wheeler to check on us, he said and I quote “You think your the real Wyatt Earp don’t ya?” “Yes I Do!!!” I replied. Over the years I have had many jobs at the hayrides, and each one I made my own. I have also been an executioner, “Smells Like Chicken, the other, other white meat.” I would say after electrocuting my victim, to a madman in a sawmill, A raging redneck, even a Monitor on the wagon. Although I have been staff for four years, I am usually found at a haunt a few times of year, mostly when the ghouls, and ghosts become sick, and I always try to haunt in Terror Town at least once a year. last year I found myself with Leo Martin the owner portraying the raging moonshiner. “YOU SEE THE SIZE OF THAT CHICKEN!!!.” Great line Leo, LOL.

In 2005  I met my Wife at the Double M Haunted hayrides, and I am very grateful that I had, for I have never met anyone sweeter, you will also see her at the Double M Haunted Hayrides this year, as a Saloon Girl in or Deadwood Saloon Dance Show.I would have to say that if you have been there long enough it becomes family, and I have some great friends at the Double M Haunted Hayrides, some I talk to almost everyday, and some we only see each other every October, nonetheless, I have met some of the greatest people at the Double M Hayride, and Rodeo, it has become a second home to me, and my pals.

This Year I take charge of the famous Haunted House, and I plan on making it one to remember, the ideas are flowing as we speak, and I think I already have an idea of who might just be my ghouls, ghosts, or exorcist, HEY YA NEVER KNOW!!!!
Needless to say, we are about to live the good life for a month, hoping and praying for no rain come Thursday through Sunday, and making 2012 at the haunted hayrides a memorable year.

For more information or to make reservations at the Double M Haunted Hayrides visit their website at or follow them via Facebook and twitter at,  @MMHauntsYou, or at Google Plus

To make a reservation via phone call 518-884-9122, and tell em, I told ya to call, and as long as your not too afraid, I will see you at our last attraction of the evening, the Double M’s famous return of the haunted house.

Here are my photos of each year at the Double M Haunted Hayrides, enjoy.

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