Build Your Author Platform (We Grow Media, With Dan Blank)

In the early Spring I was Very fortunate to attend Dan Blank’s Build Your Author Platform 6 week course, Via a scholarship program, and weather you are a writer that is just starting, in the middle, or even an established author, I highly recommend this course. If you are any of these you may want to visit Dan Blank’s We Grow Media, and take the diving plunge into building your author platform.  What did I get out of this course? I learned how to use google analytics to make my website/blog more noticeable. I learned how to approach other authors and writers in my genre in which I have made some very good friends. I learned how to target my audience, and how to engage them on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc. And to complete it all I have made some great friends, confidants, and contacts along the way. The list goes on and on, and the conference calls are filled with great memories, and knowledge.

Even if you are an established author, I still recommend this course, too many authors feel their publicist needs to publisize them, go beyond that, be personal and comunicate with your audience members, they will read your books faithfully, and you gain a good pal along the way.

Dan”s course has this to offer and so much more:

Dan Blank’s online course runs from from October 31 – December 18, and provides the structure and skills you need to build the foundation for your writing career. The The full course includes the following elements:


  • 6 career-shifting lessons that take you step by step through the process of how to develop your author platform.
  • Personalized feedback via weekly homework assignments, where I directly address your challenges and opportunities with advice to ensure you are on the right track.
  • The ability to ask questions 24/7 via our private online forum. Here, you can discuss key topics in developing your platform with myself and other students in the course.
  • 6 Exclusive Insider Calls, where I get on the phone with the entire class and you can ask anything. Here you have a chance to brainstorm ideas; dig into specific challenges you are trying to move past; and build close relationships with myself and the other writers in the course. All Exclusive Insider Calls are recorded, so if you miss a call, you always have access to the recording.
  • 6 Guest Expert Calls from leading publishing professionals, including: Jane Friedman, Richard Nash, Joanna Penn, Colleen Lindsay, Jeff Goins and Kathleen Schmidt (more info below). These experts get on the phone with the class, and allow you to ask them any question you want. They provide personalized insight that helps you build your author platform. All Guest Expert Calls are recorded, so if you miss a call, you always have access to the recording.

You are provided access to a private online classroom where you will find all course material, and engage with the other students. The only thing you need to participate in the course is a web connection and telephone.

A close friend and classmate Kathy Pooler A memoir writer, had this to say about taking Dan’s 6 week course “You will network with other writers, have fun, and learn more that you ever imagined you could about building your author platform.”

If are available I suggest you join Dan Wednesday for a  FREE!!! Webinar: Why You Need An Author Platform (Wed Oct 24, 2pm ET)



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