Veteran’s Day, Thank You Soldier to Soldier

Today I would like to take the time and recognize my brothers in arms. a long 10 years ago I returned home from the service, not just a soldier but a wounded vet. Today I want to lay my service down, and thank all veterans of our services, some of them have suffered from combat as have I, however our men and women of the service don’t get the thanks they deserve, and the gratitude from others as they fought proudly to keep our nation free.

So thank you for serving our country, those of you that have fought long and hard for this beautiful country deserve so much more than just a thanks, so as a free gift, to any veteran that would like to share their service dates, theater and unit with me will receive a free copy of my newest book Laramie’s War, a historical fiction short about Laramie Taylor a Lieutenant in the Missouri State Guard, under Maj. Gen. Sterling Price faces Nathaniel Lyon’s in his first fought battle at the Battle of Wilson’s Creek, or better known to the confederates as the Battle of Oak Hills. Coming later this month is Laramie’s accounts, his journal, and his story of fighting as a confederate officer, and his own brother a union cavalry soldier. A story about the Civil War with brother against brother.  Once again Veterans on this day, Veterans day Thank you for serving our country, and thank you for serving in our military.

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