Writers Block at Ten Paces

Posted by: Ritchie White @shotgunborivers


Frozen in time, and locked in with nothing but a blank screen. I have the words, they won’t come out. It’s painful and agonizing all at the same time. Where do I begin? confusion, crazed thoughts racing around the ideas. Pages of research sitting, waiting,  collecting remnants of dust day by day, just waiting to be woven into the story. Still wanting to piece it together. Wait. I have an idea. No, that won’t work. I can’t write it in passive voice. Delete it, start over. OK where do I begin?

I begin to see a picture. The battle begins in my mind, like pastel soldiers moving on an elaborate painting. Once I open the document, and my notebook, the dripping not yet dry paint won’t fall upon the page as words. They always had before. I don’t understand.

More distractions, other noises in the house. I need to turn them off, find to way to be tone-deaf. I need to block it out and concentrate, paint my picture again; Write  before the paint dries and I forget what I am creating.

What will be my strategy? How can I get rid of it? I need some Writol. I wonder if it will work, 1000mg every four hours or as needed. Prescribed to all authors, with writers block. If caught in time, syndrome may dissolve in 3 to 7 weeks.

Something needs to work, it has to. If the Writol doesn’t work, a square-off at high noon in the middle of a distant ghost town, with the whispers of the outlaws who were killed in past showdowns,may be the answer. What will break it? What will help break down the walls to the flowing of words, and the left hemisphere of my brain?

Will I have to take my writer’s block on with a duel to the death? Standing in the street, stepping forward  at ten paces, my spurs clinking with every step? At the tenth step, we turn, hands hovering over our holsters with twitching fingers and still cold eyes, and hand slapping leather, and the shoot-out begins, coming to an end of a saga all on its own.

Who will win? My book, or my block?

I would love to hear anyone’s ideas on this subject, what are your comments on writer’s block?  Most importantly what are your strategies, strengths and weakness’s? Please comment.

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2 thoughts on “Writers Block at Ten Paces

  1. This is great Ritchie! Finally a quick-fix for writer’s block. Love the idea of battling it out Western-style or simply taking a pill. I think writing about writer’s block is the only way through it but I love your colorful images. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Fun post! Ah, if it were only so easy as taking a pill. My strategy is to turn off email and turn off facebook. Speaking of which …!

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