Western Comics, to the Revisionist

Posted by: Ritchie White @shotgunborivers

DC Comics

For nearly two decades Western Pulp fiction brought us some of the greatest tales of the American frontier, but by the 1960’s it was beginning to die out with the rise of trade paperback. However the Pulp fiction era brought light to new medium, the comic book. A hybrid medium that allowed illustrations and strongly blended written words to convey the story of the illustrations. Even though the comic book era began in 1933, the western comics didn’t become popular until the 1940’s and 50’s, alongside the pulp magazines.  Due to competition of comic books, and other mediums, the aforementioned Pulp Magazine era had died out.

However the western comics would come to life for more than four decades, even after its decline in the 1960’s, western comics would move into the revisionist western. Favoring realism over the famous romanticism as western always portrayed, the western comics spun quickly into a Weird West style. A literary sub-genre that combined elements of the western genre and other literary genres such as science fiction, horror, occult, and fantasy. By the 1970’s characters such as Jonah Hex and Bat Lash were born, and  lived well into the 1990’s.
Western Comics have since stayed alive within the weird western sub-genre in the new century, and have made something of a comeback. They don’t dominate the market by a long shot.  Jonah Hex comes back to life in the All-star Western in The New 52 as late as 2011, and Bat Lash appearing as late as 2006 in comics, and converted to trade paperback in 2008.

To conclude, I have brought you the rich history of the western genre, and where it was born in the past month, to not only share the romanticism of western literature, but to also announce a huge turn in my writing career. As I have been promising the Laramie’s Series, they have taken a bit of a stall. However to my readers, and fellow western genre authors, in the last few months the gears have not stopped turning, nor have any of my ideas. I am glad to finally announce that my career will be taking me on an unexpected detour. I am planning to come forth with a ePulp mini-series magazine titled “Six-Guns and Tomahawks Magazine”  starring Lash Larue once named Akecheta (Souix for “He is Fighter”) a Native American turned outlaw. Coming in March with 6 short stories, and the wonderful art from my new illustration artist Brooke Presley-Caban.

We are also creating another ePulp series as well, which will blow you all away as I bring in a weird western under a developmental name of  “The Dark Rider” an action packed short story series starring Rex Quade, a gunslinger Cowboy brought back from the dead by Native American Indians to avenge a massacre, with a price to pay.

As a reader and writer what are your thoughts on the history of our genre, and the announcement of my changing gears? Comments are welcome.

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9 thoughts on “Western Comics, to the Revisionist

  1. Ritchie,
    You’ve taken a brave and bold turn here. Your new series sounds very intriguing , even to a memoirist. You’ve got me wanting to know more. Nice job!

    • Thanks Kathy, I think it will be fun, and full of adventure. Legend has it Rex Quade, can only cross to the ancestors by fire? we’ll see as the story comes about.

  2. I, personally, don’t like it, but hey, I’m a traditionalist. The whole cowboys and aliens/paranormal thing I’ll pass on. But, I guess you have to turn to what will sell books. I’ll continue to write the traditional western. Good Luck with your venture!

    • I don’t think I will go as far as the aliens Larry, that’s still reachin for me. It will have the paranormal as to say, or will it be a Crow Indian legend or myth? Stay tuned. On the other hand, my traditional westerns will always still be working, and be finished as soon as I can get a bite on them.

  3. Fu11H0rseFarm!

    Great idea Ritchie! I can’t wait to read it.

  4. MJ Nooy

    Hey Cowboy, what a ride. Bring it back! Some like it hot and some don’t. What the heck. There are some that know alot about the native spirits. With that said, it would be very interesting to see a movie of such caliber. I’m not a reader but found out I like to write about western romance and adventure.
    Let ‘er Buck!

    • Well thanks for your comment MJ. I have decided to take that chance and write Rex Quades story. People may object, and critic, however I think it still will be a good story nonetheless. Thanks for stopping by.

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