Laramie’s War

Coming soon to a book shelf near you.

Laramie Taylor is a Lieutenant in the Missouri State Guard, under Maj. Gen. Sterling Price. In his first fought battle at the Battle of Wilson’s Creek, or better known to the confederates as the Battle of Oak Hills, he faces Nathaniel Lyon’s union Army where the Confederate’s take bloody hill and kill Nathanial Lyon, the first Union general to be killed in the Civil War.
When the Confederate Army returns to Springfield, the Union Army is ready to attack, and brother faces brother in this epic showdown of Union VS. Confederacy, at the First Battle of Springfield. Lieutenant Laramie Taylor charges the north end of his father’s ranch, only to find his brother Captain Alexander Taylor leading the Missouri Cavalry. Will Laramie have to kill his own Brother on their own land?
Laramie shares his accounts,  journal, and stories of fighting as a confederate officer in the American Civil War.
“Will Laramie a man raised by a code have to kill his own blood?”
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